Educational Component

The four-month program is comprised of an education component for 8 weeks and a practical component for 6 weeks, culminating with a final 2 weeks to finalize the business plan and pitch the concept for funding.


Practical Component

The practical component gives you hands-on experience in the track of your choice, culminating with a ticketed event where you can demonstrate to friends and family the actualization of the business (including food preparation, tastings, meal service, and presentations as appropriate).


Leading Curriculum

We offer entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn and practice the essentials of a food service business before officially opening a business. Students who join the program will be introduced to all facets of running a food business.

Get Funded

Each cohort will have a chance to pitch to a panel of experts for funding.

  • 1st Place will receive at least $3000
  • 2nd Place will receive at least $2000
  • 3rd Place will receive at least $1000

Raise Startup Funds

As part of our curriculum, each individual or team will have a chance to organize a PopUp Ticketed Retail Sales Event. A team of experts from LOCALVORE will help plan and execute a Ticketed PopUp unique to your products and services. The goal of each PopUp is to test and present your concept to consumers. A percentage of the revenue collected from the ticketed event will make it back to your company upon completion of the course.

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Commercial Kitchen Space

Licensed kitchen space to prepare and sell food products after the course is essential. Our Partners at Shared Dream Kitchen will provide each company a $1000 credit to get them started within one of two commissary kitchen locations they operate in the northwest suburbs.

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CoWorking Membership

Our Partners at Ignite CoWorking in Elgin will provide each student with a 6-month coworking membership valued at $600. This 6-month membership starts at the commencement of the course, ensuring that access to office and workspace amenities are readily available during the course and post education needs.

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Branding Essentials

Our Partners at Your Dream Brand will provide each company with a getting started company website landing page and $500 credit to be used towards a branding and website design package.


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